The Little Mermaid Movie Review

The Little Mermaid Movie Review

Makayla Wilson, Staff

The Little Mermaid was produced by Blake Harris.  The movie was released August 17, 2018.  It is kind of like the cartoon version of The Little Mermaid but with twists and turns…and it’s not a cartoon! The movie takes place in Denmark at a circus.

There are many characters throughout the movie, but here are some main characters. Cam, is a young reporter, Elle is Cam’s niece who has a condition with no cure,  Elizabeth is a mermaid in the circus, Thora is a fortune teller, Locke is a wizard who takes Elizabeth.

The movie starts out with a grandmother telling her grandchildren a story about The Little Mermaid. The story is about the mermaid coming to the surface on her 15th birthday where there was a shipwreck.  There was a Prince on the boat and she saved him. She brought the Prince to the surface and fell in love.  She scurried back to the water when she heard someone come toward them. The Prince woke up to a different woman and he fell in love with her because he thought she saved his life. Only she didn’t.

The mermaid went to a wizard so she could get legs and go meet with her love. The wizard said that he would do it only for her soul, that she would get 24 hours to get him to love her and she was free, but if she failed, then she would be with him til the day comes.  She agreed. When she went to the surface she figured out that he had already married that woman. So now she was stuck with the wizard.

The wizard had not only had this mermaid to himself but other people. He had a mermaid, fortune teller, and many other people whose souls he had taken. They all thought they would have the time of their lives and get what they wanted when they agreed with the wizard. But they didn’t know it would all come back to haunt them.  The wizard created a circus and they were now entertainment. The wizard kept their souls in a little glass vial and hid them in a secret place in his piano. A certain note was required to open it.

One day Cam and Elle decided to come to Denmark for Cam to write an article. Elle was dying to go to the circus. Cam being nice decided to go with Elle.  They went and the wizard showed her off like a trophy. Elle was absolutely amazed by the mermaid’s beauty, they immediately connected. The wizard saw and wanted Elle and wouldn’t stop at anything til he got her.

‘The Little Mermaid’ is a really good movie, it does have its flaws but it is still good. I give this movie a ⅘ stars.  This movie is ROMANTIC, a DRAMA, science fiction, and a FANTASY. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes any of these genres.  I would also recommend this movie to anyone who like the cartoon version of ‘The Little Mermaid’ but wants to see it with more action. This movie will take you on an adventure, one that you would never forget.