The Miracle Season Movie Review

Paige Weber, Staff

The Miracle season is a movie based off of the real life story of Caroline Found and her high school teammates.  Caroline Found played volleyball for Iowa City West High School and was a star setter. Caroline, nicknamed “Line” by her teammates, tries to sneak out to go see her mother at the hospital and is in a fatal moped crash.

After her best friend and teammate Kelley Fliehler gets the heartbreaking news, nobody wants to play volleyball anymore. The team’s first few practices are very rough trying to find a new setter, until Coach Bresnahan realizes that Kelley fits the role perfectly.  The team has to win 15 games to even make it possible to make it to the 2012 state finals for the second year in a row. The team won in 2011 and there are only 15 more games in the season.

My favorite part about this movie is that I play volleyball and this movie really hit me hard because I couldn’t think about losing one of the team’s most valuable players.  I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves volleyball or any sport in general, and anyone who loves movies based on true stories.

All in all, this movie is definitely one of my new favorites and is something that I would watch again.