#Murder Trending: Book Review

Allison Rickus, Staff

Dee Guerrera wakes up in the worst place imaginable for anyone, that is if you’re a convicted murder. She wakes up on the floor in Alcatraz 2.0, part of the new justice system for the United States of America.  This is where serial killers, terrorists, assassins, and mobsters are sent. Their whole time on Alcatraz is filmed, but most importantly their death, which is broadcast all over the world. Their killed by paniacs (the islands own serial killers allowed to murder the residents). Shouldn’t the worst deserve this? Apparently not.  Which is why Dee doesn’t understand why she is here; she only killed her step-sister, not dozens. Or did she? Dee has been framed for the death of her step sister, which leads her to her new home on Alcatraz. And new friends. Ethane, Griselda, Nyles, Mara. Their the #DRBC – Death Row Breakfast Club. How long can they survive? 

Weird things on the island start to happen once #CinderellaSurvivor – Dee, stepped foot onto the island. Things are out of place, and people are dying faster than usual, and conspiracy theories start to pile up against the residents, Alcatraz, and Mr. Postman, the one who started it all. Mr. Postman loves the spikes on the views, he does all he can to keep them coming. But who is Mr. Postman? No one knows. As Dee talks to her friends, she finds out something interesting —  they all said they were innocent. They too were framed just like she was, causing more confusion, conspiracies, and deaths. What is really going on on Alcatraz? Why is Dee still alive? What happened in her past? And why is everyone on Alcatraz young and hot? 

This story was one of the best I have read in awhile. 5/5 Stars. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what’s going to happen next. There’s a mystery around every corner, keeping you guessing and with one of the most surprising endings ever.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes drama, mystery, romance, and gore.