We Are Not Your Kind – Album Review

Luke Vanamburg , Staff

Debuting as the No. 1 album in the USA on the Billboard 200 chart, We are Not Your Kind topped mainstream hits like “Bad Guy” and “Old Town Road.” According to various interviews with the band, this new album was supposed to have “Iowa (older, more raw, Slipknot album_ levels of heaviness.” While there were songs that were heavy, the album was definitely more atmospheric and experimental than heavy. The album is clearly meant to be listened to all at once since many of the tracks effectively transition to the next. The album sounds more like a horror movie soundtrack than a heavy metal record. “Unsainted” is a great single that I’m sure has or will be heard on the radio. “Solway Firth,” “Nero Forte,” and “Critical Darling” are all great tracks for hardcore metal fans.  “Spiders” and “Not Long for This World” both show off the creepy and atmospheric approach. 

Overall, I would give this album a 6.5/10. There are some really good songs, but most of the album is filled with intro tracks and light songs that are antitheses to the “Iowa levels of heaviness” the album was hyped to be.