CHS Long Lunch Movement Update

Luke Vanamburg, Staff Writer

Unfortunately, I have some bad news regarding the Long Lunch Movement. Changing lunch times will cause a list of issues regarding bell changes due to bus routes. Persuading the school board members to make these changes will be a difficult task without much of an argument to make except student demand. While your demand is essential, it would be no different then signing a petition for something radical like going to school for three days a week.

However, this does not mean that we will lose the battle. We can and will fight for Rebel Pride Lunches. If you didn’t know, Rebel Pride Lunch was a program that used to be at CHS. If you had no disciplinary issues, no missing assignments, and no more than two tardies and one absent, for an entire month, you were rewarded with an hour-long lunch. With that amount of time, you could go eat lunch at Desloge or Farmington restaurants and not worry about arriving back at school late. This program awarded students for turning in their homework and having good attendance. I am tired of hearing so many names on the ICU list, and we’re sure you are, too. Rebel Pride Lunches will encourage students to get their work done, and this argument can be used to persuade the school board.

I don’t feel right receiving 285 signatures on a petition for one goal and then changing that goal, so I’m going to create a new petition. I apologize for this inconvenience but if we want to convince the school board to let us have hour-long lunches, then we’re going to have to settle for something less radical and easier to make an argument for. Share this message around so every CHS student who has signed the petition is aware as soon as possible.

Either way, thank you to everyone who has signed the petition so far. You all are the reason why this movement has a chance to succeed. – Luke V. (Follow the Instagram page for updates @CHSLLM)