Heartless Review

Allison Rickus, Writer


By: Marissa Meyer


The book is a “prequel” of the classic Alice in Wonderland books. This story begins in the Kingdom of Hearts with a woman named Catherine Pinkerton. She is a duchess and is expected to be a lady, but instead she aspires to own a bakery with her best friend Mary Ann. Though her dream is always in her mind she gets distracted by the new jester for the king, and they quickly become close, closer then what’s acceptable. While this is all happening she has been asked by the king to be his beloved, her family wants her to be with the king and has shot down all her other dreams of being a baker, and to make matters worse, a jabberwocky has returned to hearts creating great chaos to the kingdom to catherine that was already complicated and chaotic. 

My favorite part of this book is how if you dream a piece of your dream becomes real, like Catherine dreamed of roses and Jest (the king’s Jester) and a rose bush grow around her bed. I like how the book really attaches you to the characters, I have read books from the author before and that is always prominent in her work. This for me makes the book more enjoyable because they are not just characters, their “people” and this is what makes this author’s one of my favorites.

I suggest everyone try this book, or this author, she has an amazing way of making it more than just a story.