K-12 – Film and Album Review

Allison Rickus, Writer

Melanie Martinez spent a total of three and a half years working on the film K-12. It took millions of dollars to make, which came straight out of Melanie’s pocket. She has spent so much time and effort to bring a movie and an album to everyone. It is free on YouTube, which has never been done before. She brought many issues that happen in high school to the light of the media, including sexual assault, eating disorders, and bullies (both students and teachers). It teaches us how to be aware of what really happens around us and teaches us to open our eyes and speak out. Get help for yourself and others.

 I highly recommend both the movie and the album. It’s thought-provoking to watch and you’re able to get such a good message out of it. Also, some of the songs, you can jam to at any time. For example, anyone could enjoy jamming out at 3 A.M. to the song “Strawberry Shortcake.” I listen to the songs almost every day.  I definitely give this a 10 out of 10.