Vampire Diaries Review

Paige Huitt


Vampire Diaries has been my favorite tv show to watch ever since I started the beginning of quarantine when school ended. I’m a little off with the trend of watching it, because it’s an older series but I’m so glad I took the chance to watch it when I did. It consists of a few of my favorite elements like Romance and also Fantasy characters. The episodes consist under 50 minutes, and really sucks you in after the first episode. I don’t think I ever spent a day just watching one episode.

I would sit in my room and watch multiple episodes until I had to get up or felt tired and turned it off. It involves a lot of teen drama and drama from the outer worlds. The show starts off for a while throughout the season, a love triangle between three of the characters, Stephan, Elena, and Damon. Later on, after Elena finds out her final true love is Damon she then gets put under a spell where she was asleep for almost the last 2 seasons. For those seasons she wasn’t present at all. My first initial opinion was without Elena, the show would definitely get boring but I was wrong. The characters had a lot to deal with like protecting the supernatural realm and getting rid of the “bad guys.” There’s a few more fan favorite characters like Caroline, Matt, Jermy, Bonnie, Alarik, and Enzo and you’ll definitely fall in love with each and everyone of them. Vampire diaries also had some frequent characters show up like the Original Family.

This family consisted of siblings: Elijah, Klaus, Rebecca, Kole, and Finn. This family played a big role in the Vampire Diaries and also the creator of the show ended up creating a spin off just based on the Original family (I recommend that show too). In the last season of the Vampire Diaries, the characters finally find a way to wake up Elena. The last final episode was definitely a tearjerker when Elana finds her way back to Damon. I won’t spoil the ending because you should definitely watch it to find it. I highly recommend the Vampire Diaries because I know you won’t be disappointed. If you like teen drama, romance, and fantasy you should definitely give this show a watch.