Swing Choir Enrichment Review

Abbey Barton

My favorite enrichment period offering is swing choir. I am the alto section leader in concert/swing choir. Although the dancing part isn’t very fun at times , I still love to sing. I know that completely contradicts the whole part of swing choir, but sometimes the dancing part is fun.

The reason I even joined swing choir was because my dad was in it when he was a kid and I wanted to keep the tradition going. The best part about swing choir is the aspect of we are all one big family. Mr. Boyer of course is like the dad. He is one of the best people I have ever met. Almost everyone is close in swing choir, but of course there are smaller groups that are closer to one another. I love when we get to go on trips. On the bus we sing our hearts out and goof off, but when it is time to get up and sing it’s completely serious.

It’s like our own little sport. The stage is our stadium, and dancing and singing is our sport. Not to brag but we are one of the top groups in the area if not the best. We practice our butts so we get that successful outcome in the end. I remember last year we had to pick new songs before we went to swing fest. We had exactly five days to pick a song, memorize it, memorize the dance, and perform at our absolute best. It was hard and exhausting, but we did it. We were all so proud and amazed that we successfully performed the song the way we did with such little time to prepare.

Those are some of the best moments that we all do with each other. We struggle, succeed, and sometimes are defeated. The best part is no matter what happens we are all there for each other. My ultimate favorite part of swing choir is the way home on the bus. It is usually quiet because we are all tired and there are some small conversations, but once we hit the final hill to come to school we play “Country Roads.” That has been a tradition long before I was in choir, even before Mr.Boyer joined choir. No matter where we come from and how long we were gone we also sing along to that song.

Swing choir is my favorite enrichment time because it is much more than just an ordinary class. We are a family and nothing will change that.