Cast your vote!

 Paige Huitt

If you could vote,  you should vote for Donald Trump. There are many reasons to vote for him. He appoints conservative judges, he is against abortion, protects gun rights, and supports religious freedom. Also, he built a great economy, and almost all people had jobs. He replaced NAFTA, brought jobs back to this country, and worked to control our borders. First, he is pro-life. Trump is the most pro-life president ever who believes that life is genuine and begins at the moment of conception. Because of this, he is decreasing the number of abortions by withholding funds for abortions in and wide across America. Biden will increase the number of abortions by doing away with the Hyde Amendment and using taxpayer dollars to pay for them.

Secondly, Trump supports school’s when it comes to giving poor children an opportunity and getting ahead. This supports a lot of children across America to get an education. Also, he stayed calm throughout the COVID-19 crisis and balanced our need for safety and our need for a strong economy. He sent a hospital ship, ventilators, needed personnel and money to states hardest hit by the virus across the United States. There are many reasons to vote for Donald Trump and those are just a few that I feel are necessary.