Social Issues

Abbey Barton

A democratic republic is the better form of government. Instead of the people directly voting on every single bill or of some sort of voting reason, we elect others to do it for us. Electing officials that share the same views as we do is more efficient than voting on literally everything. Not only do we not have the time to vote on everything that we want to pass, but it will take more time just to get everything passed. When our officials vote for bills it takes a couple of days for all the voting to be done.

Just think if our whole country had to vote for a little topic. It would take even more time maybe even weeks, to get everyone’s vote in. Plus, not every single American citizen goes to vote, so why should we expect that for the little things. Our officials voting for us makes it easier on the whole country. Having a democratic republic keeps everything as stable as it can be. A lot of researchers say that having a demorcatic republic makes it easier to keep track of the general elections.

It makes it easier for the people to not have to worry about going to vote. Having people that match our ideas that can vote for us makes it easier to not worry if our points are being heard. We know that the person that represents us shows our concerns and gets them across. Having a deomcratic republic just makes it easier on American citizens as a whole and is a completely better form of government.