Social Issues

Caleb Williford

In my opinion, a democratic republic is a better form of government than a total, or direct, democracy. There are benefits to both sides, but I think that a democratic republic is a better and smoother way of running a nation. A positive to direct democracy or total democracy is that nothing passes the people’s view because every single person in the nation votes on issues. This means that every election and every bill that was proposed would go to the people living in the country and then they would decide the fate. The downside to this is the fact that there would have to be constant elections and polls running basically every day of the week to keep up with the large amount of bills and laws proposed today so that the people could vote on every individual proposition. 

A democratic republic or a representative democracy, which is what America has today, is much more favorable to me. I think that it would be a hassle to have to vote every day or every few days on bills and laws and may drastically reduce the total voting population by a large percentage. Another point is that some bills based on ideologies and ideas may benefit small groups of people and may hurt others, but were passed because of a low voting population and popularized by the media. A representative democracy, however, makes it so that elected officials vote on bills and laws proposed and have the power to accept or deny these propositions. The people of the nation or states still hold the power to vote for the people they support that would protect their beliefs and vote on their behalf, but the citizens are not faced with making such decisions near as often as the representatives.