Social Media and Politics

Paige Huitt

I feel like social media does play too big of a role when it comes to political discussion. But, there are a lot of positives as there are negatives when it comes to the situation. Social media has a huge impact on elections and on who to vote for. It can cause drama, inflation, and unnecessary involvement. Social media can also spread false rumors and lies when it comes to a certain political party and ruin a reputation. It’s definitely taken a huge toll on allegations and upcoming elections.

Overall, it can also separate our country. Nowadays, most people see riots, protests, and negativity posted across social media. This is definitely something that’s really shaped society and caused a major gap between certain views and parties.  Minus the negatives, there’s also a lot of positives as well. Social media can be used as a platform for spreading awareness, advertising, and campaigning for a certain individual/party. Almost everyone in America has social media so it’s a good way of getting people’s attention on a certain view or topic. More so than others, social media can be used too much.

There’s a difference between getting attention online and getting attention face to face. Some individuals use social media more than being active in communities and taking charge. In my opinion, being active in society is a big quality I look at in future representatives. I believe that if you’re involved with the American society physically, more citizens would want to vote. In the end, parties and campaigns would be more careful how much they use social media and level it out with taking action.