Social Media and Politics

Sierra Franklin

In my opinion I feel that social media plays too big in political discussion because everytime you see on Twitter, Facebook or other platforms trying to persuade, and often works by changing or influence opinions when it comes to political views by the abundance of ideas, thoughts, and opinions through different social media platforms.The reason social media plays too big for political discussion is because they want to hear what the people have to say about certain political issues that are happening in the world today and wants people to voice their opinions and thoughts so other people can see them and try to understand or ask questions they may have for that certain topic so people can communicate with each other on different platforms to reach out to people.

Whenever you’re on Twitter or Facebook you see posts or tweets about their political beliefs about the president or any type of issue that is happening in the states or other countries. Sometimes political discussions can lead to arguments and hateful words towards others about their political beliefs and that they shouldn’t have an opinion about that issue in the first place because whatever you post on social media people will find a way to hurt you for your political discussion and that social media impacts a lot of people from all over the world from political discussions, photos, and other things people post on any platform for others to see by liking, sharing, and following people for what they post on their account on social media.