States and Electoral College or Majority

The states should elect the president through the medium of the electoral college. This is due to a few reasons: First, it prevents the tyranny of the majority. If a slim majority of people were to decide the president, it could lead to a system in which the presidential race is a popularity contest, without people determining the qualifications of a candidate. Second, it balances out the votes among the states. This helps everyone’s voice matter. If you lived in some tiny state with no population, your opinion would matter more than if there was no electoral college. Third, the voting populus naturally gravitates toward party and popularity lines already, if there were no electoral college, this would only worsen. Fourth, it prevents presidential candidates from abusing systems they made to automatically get into the office for reelection.

Fifth, if you had to choose between someone from California and some guy from Missouri, the chances are that you would pick the Missouri guy. Human tribalism is built into us as a species. It’s what bonds us together and keeps us apart. Sixth, it protects small states from big states. Opinions are often shared by large groups of people in similar regions, so it makes sense that entire states might agree on a topic. If a few big states believed similar ideals, it would lead to their voices mattering more than the little states.

There’s like millions of people in New York. Delaware’s five people can’t stand up to that. Seventh, it’s highly flexible. A system that only works under a highly specific circumstance, is not a good system. It’s like if you moved a coin in the seat of your car, and that caused it to shut down. You’d say it’s a bad car. The electoral college allows for shifts of great magnitude without a negative effect on the system. Entire states change their popular vote every election, and the college still works. The turnout of their vote changed last election from Democrat to Republican. That’s a fairly high level of variance allowed. The McCafe machine at McDonald’s throws a fit if you plug in a bag of liquid with a circular hole the wrong way. I’d say it’s a working system at least if it can handle more than a machine that millions of people use everyday. Why fix what isn’t broken?