The Last of Us Review

Dylan Little

The game The Last of Us is an amazing game that I really thought was the best of the decade. The plot of the game is that the zombie apocalypse started in 2014 by a type of fungus that can degrade DNA and rewrite it to do what the fungus needs, like to get nutrients. When the fungus got inside of humans the scientists had no idea what to do because in the world we live in today has no fungus vaccines at all, only bacteria vaccines. The fungal virus spreads around by saliva injecting into another victim or by inhaling spores that the fungus emmits. After six years into the infected apocalypse Ellie is born, she is immune to the fungus, meaning that she can’t get infected.

She can get bitten by the infected and inhale spores without a problem. In the beginning of the game the main character is a guy named Joel who lost his daughter in the very beginning. Twenty years after the infection started there are now two main parties, the Fireflies and the Army. The Army made quarantine zones that blocked off the infected but they were harsh on the people who lived inside. Twenty years after the infection started, Joel takes a delivery job that requires him to take Ellie, the girl that is immune, and take her to a checkpoint that is all the way on the other side of America. Only a few people know that she is immune to the virus, Joel, a girl named Tessa, Ellies caretaker, and some scientists. Not many people can know or else they will try to kill her and use her blood to make a small amount of a cure and waste the rest of the world to the infection.