Creative Writing Opinion Prompts

Ean Lambert

 Everyone should take woods/metals. The benefits of this elective are many, and the downsides are few. For instance everyone should be able to know how to measure, write a resume, and write a cover letter. These skills and more are taught in our shop class. Aswell, everyone should know how to safely handle hazardous equipment such as the gas tanks found in the shop. Gas tanks are used in a lot of different ways and in a lot of different places, so learning how to safely use them is a necessity for many jobs. You can also use other practical skills you are taught such as how to cut and modify wood and metal to improve one’s home environment.

It saves money to fix a table yourself rather than to take it to a store to fix it to a similar quality. If you need a shelf and you have wood and necessary skills, it can still be cheaper to make it yourself rather than buy one, even if you don’t have the necessary equipment. In your subsequent years in the shop you can even use Mr.Jones’s machines to create one. He’s strict but fair, so many kids like him. A teacher can’t teach unless people listen to him. With his rigorous safety courses on the machines and the provided safety equipment, there’s little chance you’ll get hurt working on a project. For example, the arc welder is a machine you learn rather quickly in the class.

Mr. Jones first goes over procedures with the machine like how you shouldn’t hold both ends of the machine’s wires. Then, he has you pass a safety test. Finally, he has you work while you are supervised by an experienced shop student whilst still checking in on you and other students to make sure that everyone is working safely. If someone does manage to get injured in the shop, even in a minor way like a small cut, he rushes them down to the nurse’s office with the student and the relevant information to make sure that they are cared for properly. Not only is this unlikely, but I’ve never seen or heard of any accidents in the shop.