Creative Writing Opinion Prompts

Ayden Radford

I would say that Central’s esports/ video game club would probably be better than other schools. Of course, we may not be the best supplied or the most high tech but the teams definitely are better, which I would say says a lot about how well that program can do. In the club at the moment our team hasn’t lost a competitive game against a different school in Overwatch, which I think says something about the skill of the team and what the future could hold for that area.

If the school were to go bigger on the club and support tha players that were doing the best then I feel like it could go much bigger and could even make money back for the school given enough time. Personally I am a big fan of Overwatch competitively with my friends and I would say that if you switch around the team a bit for the school then we could be one of the better high school teams in the area. I do have a few suggestions that may improve things related to the club/ team. If the people in charge of the team were able to set up more live games, like a competitive tournament type of style, then I think it would be a lot more fun for the players.

We did to this type of tournament a long time ago when no one had any skill, but if we were to go in again I believe that we could maybe win the whole tournament due to our players learning how to get better on the keyboard and mouse. Another suggestion I have is more practice time maybe for the players. Other than those things our team is working well and has worked well for this and last school year. Again, as of now our best  team hasn’t lost to any other school and we plan to keep it going, which is why I think the videogame program/ club is one thing Central does better than other schools.