Grey’s Anatomy Review

Elaina Gillam

Grey’s anatomy is my all time favorite show to watch in my free time. I love how real it is. They don’t play a scene that wouldn’t actually happen in real life. Everything that plays is relatable and you can relate to it and how the rolls play out. When something happens and you look into the character’s eyes it’s like you can actually feel the pain and true feelings that are going through their mind and how hurt they really are, or how they are really feeling. The way that they put their words together and play the scenes at the right time during the right moments just play off all together so well. It almost tricks me at times when you see their tears because I don’t know if I can believe that they are acting or if it is real tears from real traumas due to the amazing acting. The show will never leave you bored and always as something new popping up that will surprise you.

All the new surgeries really inspire me, because I really want to be a surgeon when i get older and just seeing the way that they run their hospital and how things work there just really opens my eyes to the fact that this is really what I want to do in the future. I got into this show originally because of the fact that it is a surgery show and i love watching stuff like that but know I know that it is so much more than just surgeries. This is a long show and does have 16 seasons, so if you don’t have a lot of free time, I wouldn’t even start it because then you really don’t want to stop. The whole story of the show and how in the end everything comes together and how the ending truly is, is so unbelievable and not what I thought it was going to be when I first started watching the show. There are a lot of tear breakers in there though, so if you aren’t a person who is willing to cry sometimes, I also probably couldn’t watch it. The emotions in this show are unreal and really is heart touching. I want to grow up and have a family like Meredith and Derik did. The energy that they had together and how perfect their family was is amazing.

I also love how close everyone in this show was. The friend group was always together, they had each other’s backs and never laid down for anything when it came to their people. They never left each other’s side and were always there even in moments where others wished that they weren’t, because that is their people. The loyalty to this show is incredible and I hope that one day when I become a surgeon that I find a group of friends that is just as amazing as this one, one that will never give up on me. If you have never watched this show, I really recommend you to do so. It really is amazing and will definitely be worth the entire 16 seasons. This show reminds me of having a bestfriend. I always wanna be watching it, and after you start it and actually finish the show, you will never want to stop, you will always want to rewatch it and rewatch it again. I have finished it several times and i am currently rewatching it again, Grey’s anatomy is one amazing show.