Creative Writing Opinion Prompts

Paige Huitt

One elective class here at CHS I believe everyone should take is Child Development with Mrs. Mills. I took this class last year and loved it. My dream is to become an elementary teacher and in that class I got to learn about the little ones’ mind sets and their developmental growth. Even if you don’t want to work with children, I believe everyone should take it. Most of us in over five years might have the responsibilities of caring for a child or even might so now. She shows/talks about how to care for a child, how the child develops mentally and physically, disabilities they can encounter, and the tasks to take care of one. This class is so easy and interesting.

You do a lot of lectures but it’s TOTALLY worth it. Mrs. Mills teaches it like a pro and has guest speakers come in as well. It’s always interesting hearing others’ stories on how they’ve dealt with their children growing up with a disability and how they handle their parenting styles with them. Hearing them talk about their stories in person is inspiring. I wish I would’ve finished that whole class last year but I didn’t get the opportunity because of covid. Everyday I got excited for that hour because I knew whatever she had planned would be interesting. We did a lot of fun and easy projects and in my opinion, that’s a lot better than sitting around and doing worksheets.  For our projects, she gives us a lot of class time and a reasonable due date so you don’t have to rush at all outside of class to get it done. She gets her students involved, and for a teacher that can be sometimes difficult with students that don’t want to work. I highly recommend this class; you barely have homework, you have fun, and mostly you’ll learn a lot more than what you think.