Creative Writing Opinion Prompts

Caleb Williford

I think that one element/program/aspect of Central that is better than other schools is the relationships between the students and the faculty at the school. I think that this is a good aspect at Central because I think it is important to have a good connection between teachers and their students. I think that the teachers and kids here get along really well and I think that the teachers communicate well with the students that are in their classes, regardless of if the kid is actually present at school or outside of school for whatever reason that may be. 

In my experience, the faculty and staff such as teachers, counselors, office workers, and principals have good communication with the students, and the students with them as well. Regarding work and things that need to be done or known, the staff make sure to tell the kids here long before whatever their message is about that it needs to be done or known by email and in class. I think that most students also communicate well with the teachers when they need to tell them something or ask questions about the class and whatever they are doing in the class, whether they are working from home or just asking questions pertaining to their assignments. 

Besides the outside communication, I also think that the staff and students have good relationships with each other here at school when in class or in passing. The staff treat the students how they should be treated and I have never witnessed any kind of discrimination towards anyone. The students also show respect towards the staff and you don’t ever really see much disagreement happening often between teachers and the kids here that really means anything. I think that the teachers can connect to their students regardless of what each other are interested in or believe, and make lasting connections that can also reach outside of school from being coached by one of your teachers to standing in line for concessions at a school sporting event and having a conversation with them.