Local Favorites

Abbey Barton

My favorite local restaurant is El Tapatio. Specifically the one in Desloge. I like how the building looks. Of course it is a newer building, but they help keep up with the outside. The plants are always kept up with and the inside is always clean. I like how the service is always good. I have never waited on my food for over 30 minutes when I have dined there. Their waiters/waitresses are always very polite. The only time my food was ever sent out wrong the waitress came back and said that they were making a new one and that my meal was free. I told her that it was okay and not needed, but she did it anyway.

The food at El Tapatio is always amazing. My favorite is their cheese. No matter how many times my family has tried to copy the recipe, it just never tastes the same. The area that it is placed, is also a thing that I like. It is in the middle of the town and easy to find. Also, if you wanted dessert from a different place it is located right in front of a delicious custard place. I also like how they always give you more than enough food for the prices that they have. I like how their prices aren’t very expensive too. My favorite thing to eat there is the nachos el roble with shrimp and rice. It is so good it makes me happy on my down days. It is made with grilled chicken, tortilla chips, white cheese, shrimp, and rice. In my opinion it is to die for.

The time that it takes you to sit down, take your order, start eating, and leave is usually around 45 minutes. I also like how they have a drive thru. Park Hills also has one, but they always take forever on the time to make it. Also Desloge has the biggest parking lot so you aren’t cramped when you are trying to get in or out of the car. The desloge el tap also has a little party space. For the last couple years on my birthday that’s where I would celebrate it. Since I am older now and don’t really like celebrating my birthday we all get together and eat in that little area. It makes it easier for my family to stay in one place where we can still have our privacy from the other guests. Overall review is a 5/5 stars.