After the Election…

Sierra Franklin

After the election, I hope that America can become a better country than what it is now and that everyone can keep their rights and hope that if we get a new president he will make sure that all Americans are treated equally and that no one will feel left out and that people can get along with each other once the election is over with a new president or with our old president to make sure that the citizens are put first with their health care, better treatment unlike what has happened the last couple of months with protests and have better policemen doing their jobs correctly instead of killing innocent people for no reason once we have a new president when the election is over on November 3rd where people won’t have to worry about harsh words from racist people based on their beliefs or their political beliefs.

I hope that when this election is over everyone will become at peace again not ruin this country by tearing it apart by telling people that they don’t belong here and that they need to go back to their country but people who weren’t born here wants to live a better life than what they were living in before in their country because they want to have freedom which is why they come to america to start a new life for themselves and their families to have a better education and have more opportunities in America and wanting to be accepted for who they are and hope that the president of the United States can help them have a fresh start and not be judged for who they are or what religion they follow or etc because they want to feel like an American just by everyone else for when this election is over. America needs to be a safe place for everyone that lives in this country even if you’re an immigrant or a US citizen.