After the Election…

Emma Wyrick

After the election, I hope I still hold some rights only granted in the last couple of years and I don’t have to read about even more people dying from poor choices made by the POTUS. Frankly I’m already exhausted mentally most of the time but to see steps taken backward would leave me despondent. It’s weird to see how uninvolved some people can be. They don’t have any fear of ending up a target or being the boot end of a joke. For them it’s just another 4 years, for me I can’t help but worry for the safety of half if not nearly all the people I’m close to.

Do they really need to be close to someone with first hand experience to even feel bothered with it? Are the community’s lives too political? Anything not cis, het, and god fearing is just too much to think about? I’m not even old enough to do anything for it and I’m already just tired. It shouldn’t have to be my job to educate people when they should be doing it for themselves. I shouldn’t need to live my life as a guiding hand and god forbid an example of what could happen.