After the election, I hope…

Abbey Barton

After the election I hope that our country is less divided. Everytime the election comes around our country becomes hateful and mean. Rumors come out of nowhere that aren’t even true, and ruin some people’s lives. The elections cause unwanted and unnecessary chaos. I hope that our country can come together as a whole and realize that yes an election does matter, but violence should not be associated with it. Donald Trump supporters start to threaten Joe Biden supporters, and vise versa. Some of those people used to be close friends.

Just because you have a difference in opinion doesn’t mean you can’t associate with that person. Whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins our country is still going to change. Even though Donald Trump is already our president, we are still in the middle of a pandemic and need to get through that. During the election season people base their whole lives based on that competition. Competition is what strains our country and holds us back as a nation. The election season brings out the worst in our country and hopefully after someone is elected president that phase will end. Our country needs to join together again to make our country better.