After the election, I hope…

Caleb Williford

After the election, I hope that the divide that has erupted due to the election and campaigning will recede back down. To me, it seems like this upcoming election and the whole year have together caused a large amount of division in the American people between who supports who and then what everybody supports regarding social issues. I believe that anyone here should be allowed to support whoever they want and voice their opinions publicly, but I also think that some people take the views of others that differ from theirs as personal attacks when it’s really that not everyone agrees on everything. By the end of this election, I will have lived through four presidential elections, only two of which I had some idea about what was happening, and the other two being the 2016 and 2020 elections. 

It seems like this election has stirred up a bit of hatred and resentment across the people as a whole. I think that people supporting both major political parties and the smaller political parties all have some stake in the hate that is taking over the country. People are always looking out for others that have views and beliefs that, in some shape, differ from their own, so that they can have a foundation to base an argument on. We are all entitled to opinions that solely belong to us and us alone and we can voice them in whatever way we see fit to get them out to the world, but when it comes to bashing other people for their political stances in person, over social media, or in any other way, I think that it goes too far. Not associating with or putting other people down for having an opinion that isn’t the exact same drives a wedge between the people in this country and inspires others to do so as well, eventually driving the wedge all the way through.