After the Election…

Paige Huitt

After the election I hope a lot changes in the American Society. I hope America isn’t as torn as it has been since the election. With everything going on, about Trump and Biden that’s all you here on the TV, news stations, and at school. With that it causes a lot of controversy. Personally, I hope America will be able to find it’s peace because it never seems life there’s once a calm day. Myself, I’ve never cared too much about the election. I just hope someone with the right mindset will come in and fix America.

It’s sad because I saw an article about what is currently happening in New York City. They are shutting down businesses and barricading the doors and windows with wood panels to protect their stores from riots that might start. I just hope after the election all that preparation was for nothing and no riots will break loose. No matter if Trump or Biden wins I hope they’ll bring back America together. I see a lot of  “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst” but I really hope the worst does not happen. Our country has been torn apart for a while and all I want to see is everyone coming together.