Preventing Pandemics

Ean Lambert

I believe that a few steps can be performed to prevent another pandemic. First, many diseases carry over to humans from animals. To possibly prevent such a new disease, we need to establish world wide food standards. Second, we should have a greater customs presence between countries. This would allow us to track who comes to here and from where more effectively. Using this information, one can see which countries have the most disease. As well, if everyone adopts it, then one country couldn’t lie about the health status of their citizens. Third, we should be more strict on things such as lockdowns and mask mandates. I doubt many would go out without a mask if it meant being fined. We should also limit what counts as an essential business. I doubt that you need the local McDonald’s to live. Shut down restaurants, and leave supermarkets open. It would promote health in more than one way. Stop eating fast food, and stay safe from a pandemic. Fifth, we should use war tactics to cause people to be more health conscious. Have people unite against a common enemy: the pandemic.

Use the same phrases we use to make people frenzied during war to make the public against a pandemic. Sixth, we should instill new customs into our society. Japanese people have been wearing masks since the Spanish Flu. If we start doing similar things with masks and social distancing, we can not only prevent another Coronavirus, but we can also improve public health overall. Less Influenza, common cold, and even Pneumonia could be a reality. Seventh, we could simply just take action whenever a new biological threat appears. Humanity is now armed with the experience of our current pandemic. Now we can effectively deploy our defenses faster. Less people would die in a similar incident as it’s now ingrained in us as a culture. Eighth, we could go for a more radical solution with CRISPR technology. All we would need to do is find some DNA from the virus and alter it enough that it becomes weakened whilst still retaining the ability to reproduce. A vaccine could be faster. Though this method comes with risks as we don’t know everything about DNA modification just yet. Ninth, we could just stop the disease at its source. Do everything in our power to stop a disease once it’s been discovered before just destroying whatever caused the disease to jump to humans. If it’s like Cholera, then improve water sanitation. Simple things like that.