Quarantines and Lockdowns

Paige Huitt

If anything the country can do to prevent future pandemics, I think the president should warn the citizens about any new viruses that can start a new pandemic, and that everyone should be alerted about new pandemics so people can be prepared ahead of time if new viruses or pandemics start to come up, so people can be safe and not get anyone sick or infected with a new virus that could lead to another pandemic where people will have to stay home for a certain period of time before they can head back outside and go to work, school, and travel again without putting yourself act risk and others at risk. If the country can alert people before a new pandemic starts no one will die from a new virus that is fatal for certain people that don’t have good health and relies on others to keep everybody else safe by wearing masks, keeping distance from others, and washing and cleaning things that have been touched throughout the day to keep people from getting sick and if the country can prevent a new pandemic from coming into our country no one will have to experience what other people are going through in different countries if a new pandemic happens that no one will be ready for or be prepared for what might happen in the future when each generation goes through life or when everyone is gone when no more humans are living on this earth.

I hope that our country can do it’s best by informing people about new pandemics and have certain ways of handling it together as a country and also help other countries as well to let them know that they are not alone if another pandemic happens again and that we will get through another virus together as a whole so no one feels left out and hoping our new president will do his best to help and save all Americans from a pandemic where our other president couldn’t help or save the American people for the Corona Virus that struck the whole entire world killing over a Million people from across the globe. And I know we can fight a new pandemic as a nation and come together as one without fighting each other and by loving each other no matter who we are and what the differences may be.