Quarantines and Lockdowns

Caleb Williford

I think that quarantines and lock-downs are effective to an extent in reducing the effect of the pandemic. I think that the pandemic, like other viruses and illnesses, should be handled with care. While I don’t have statistics, I noticed that lockdowns and quarantines did help reduce the amount of people that tested positive for Covid for periods of time. I also noticed that the Covid cases would, as expected, begin to ramp up and start again with time. I think that it should be handled in a way that any other virus or illness is treated in our world. There are so many things that can affect people and make them sick, but some of them go unnoticed or pushed to the side while Covid takes the headlines of multiple media outlets across the country and the world.

You have never seen people get quarantined for being close contacts to someone that tested positive for the flu or other similar sicknesses or even when they tested positive. People are only advised not to leave the house until they’re better, but they could leave the house and go about their day if they really felt like it. With Covid, close contacts and people who are tested positive must quarantine within their own homes and even from close family members. I don’t think that Covid will ever go away, much like the other viruses that plague our everyday lives that could infect us at any given moment. If everything was taken as serious as Covid is, I don’t think that many people would be able to leave the house at any given time with close contacts and those infected.