Ballad of the Boy Who Lived

Emily Hayes, Staff Writer

The boy who lived, the chosen one
He’s still young when his journey begun
Horcuxes he had to destroy
The little Harry Potter boy

Dark lord came when he was a tot
Not all was as the dark lord thought
His mom and dad were killed that night
But the Potter boy was alright

He accomplished stuff all alone
The wee Potter boy saved the stone
In the chamber he killed the beast
More people he knew grew deceased

His godfather’s Sirius Black
Harry learned Voldemort was back
He was the one to win the cup
Voldemort left Cedric face up

Dumbledore’s Army trained to fight
And the prophecy broke that night
The ministry didn’t believe
Sirius left Harry to grieve

The locket was just a fake piece
Sadly, Dumbledore did decease
Seven parts of Voldemort’s soul
Harry finally knew his role

He must choose quick with much at stake.
Locket, diadem, cup, and snake
Or find the deathly hallows three
Stone, cloak, or wand from elder tree

Snape turned out to be their friend
Dark lord’s spell rebounds in the end
The Horcuxes are gone and done
Harry Potter finally won