The Simple Life

Alec Higgins, Staff Writer

Life is not simple for a pea like me

Flicked and slapped without any glee

Eaten without consideration

Thrust into the angry mouth

Traveling down the shoot

Into the unknown gas

Down the shoot

Without much thought

In the market

In the bright sun

Picking and choosing

Life is not simple for a pea like me

Taken away from my pod

Abandoned to be swallowed

Oh what a life for a simple pea like me

Lucky for me, I went in unscathed

And as I fell

Down the dark shoot

I realized that this is my demise

But this is not the end for a pea like me

As my skin fell away

Into the dark ocean waters

Swirling all around me

Engulfing me

I felt myself leaving

Then I awoke

Back in the market

To be picked and chosen again

Then I realized life is not simple

For a pea like me