Reality vs. Fantasy

Elliana Hughes, Staff

A lot of you probably have no clue who I am. Well nice to meet ya, I’m Elliana, or some people call me Ella. Because they can’t say my name right.

Anyway, let me get down to business. I was six years. Six years when my parents divorced, and around that time, there was something inside my head saying my words don’t make a difference. That my problems weren’t really there. That I was fine.

So I was locked in this, this fantasy that had become my reality. Later on in life, I wanted to escape the fantasy I had locked myself in.

But the fantasy felt better than the bitter taste of reality. So I was stayed. I began to wonder what it would be like if I was locked in this fantasy for eternity.

So I began to escape to my fantasy when the world began to hurt and sting. I felt better about myself, in this fantasy, it became a reality.

Then middle school hit, time to grow up. No more acting like I could escape. With things like makeup, boys, clothes. Those things really weren’t at the top of my list. Things like grades, family, friends, track became more important. And I wasn’t picked on, well not that I know of.

Then high school hit. I had to grow up even more. I was called antisocial. But I had responsibilities. I cried myself to sleep on multiple occasions. I had been there for people but when other people tried to get me to talk about the problems life threw at me, I shut down. I locked up and I don’t let anybody in, I was too scared.

So, I try to escape my reality, which is insanity, with a fantasy.