From Princesses to Queens

Elliana Hughes, Staff

Once upon a time, we were little princesses, but now it is time for the queens inside us to arise.

Being a girl in today’s society is hard. We are faced with things like body image, makeup, and boys from such a young age. We have to grow up. We can’t be little princesses anymore. We have to be queens that rule over a country that we aren’t old enough to rule.

But ruling a country is harder than we give it credit for. Being a queen is more than pretty dresses and crowns. They have to be regal, graceful, and powerful. She needs to hold her head high and be cool under pressure. She has to speak with intelligence and compassion. But sometimes she loses her cool. And that’s alright.

She should be able to ask questions and ponder her calling. She should know that she is a diamond in the rough, waiting to be found by the one that searches for her heart. She should be seen and heard for she had her own opinions to voice. She is strong and courageous.

Her heart has nothing but love for those she cares so much about. Her heart pounds for the Lord God Almighty. His hand guides her every footstep. His voice is heard when she speaks. He is the true ruler. But most of all, He is the true ruler of her heart.

She is faced with enemies all around her. Her enemies fear her because they know she will not fall onto anybody else but her God. But she trusts her God to hold her and protect her from her foes.

So rise up you mighty queens. Rise up you warrior women of the Lord. It is time we stand and fight back for the ground that once belonged to our Father, the King.