Frightening Flash Fiction

Frightening Flash Fiction

Breanna Whaley

Forever a Man’s Best Friend

While your childhood dog scratching at the door may be a comforting sound, it became much more unsettling when you cremated your dog a month ago and it still occurs.

Unforeseen Love

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you’re about to fall asleep and your significant other pulls you close? You would continue to think that, until it happens to you at 2 a.m. with the slight factor that you live alone.

Is It Really Fate?

Some people believe that seeing people’s death dates are a gift. I thought the same thing until I looked in the mirror and saw that after my date with a guy I met on tinder, my death date quickly switched to tomorrow.

Life of the Party

After another night of closing up at the club, I quickly wiped down the counters trying to hurry up to get home. I didn’t know what startled me the most, the music that began playing through the unplugged radio, or the heavy breathing coming through the stage microphone I just locked in the back room.

Last Chance to Feel Human

I couldn’t decide which made me cry the most, the clicking of the clasps on the casket, the sound of the dirt hitting the top of it, or the fact that I was in it.

The Last Love Affair

I wake up suddenly feeling as if I heard something outside. I sigh and close my eyes pulling my wife closer to me. My eyes shoot open when I hear the familiar sound of my wife’s keys and the soft hum of her voice as she enters the apartment.

The Ring of the Forgotten

Back in the old days, they would tie a rope to the hands of the deceased that were attached to a bell, above their coffin to help prevent burying those alive. Working the night shift at the graveyard can be a little creepy, but so is the sound of a ringing bell coming from a grave dated back 20 years ago.