Grateful Sonnet

Taylor Miller, Writer

Though I’ve never been one to dwell on the past, 

Sometimes thoughts creep into my mind,

And I realize that my current happiness would never last. 


The warm summer breeze gently touches my face, 

The smell of freshly cut grass filling the atmosphere.

The ground crunches beneath my feet as I run towards the base. 

My teammates stand from the bench and loudly cheer. 

Nothing in the world could deter my love for the game. 

The way it makes me feel, 

The way the crowd shouts my name, 

The emotions I have when I successfully steal. 

When I play my absolute best, my dad is always proud, 

Though no matter how I do, my mom thinks I’m great. 

When I don’t do good, my dad gripes loud. 

Without the sport, my life would be lame. 

With no tournaments on the weekend, 

My life would never be the same. 


There’s one part of my day that I never dread.

Choir class seventh hour is what I look forward to most.

All-day, songs run through my head. 

The way our many voices come together as one, 

Mixing in perfect harmony. 

Class with Mr. Boyer is always fun.