Pommies Have Positive First Season


Cassidy Kile, Staff Writer

The CHS pommie squad was banned from Central High School in 2008. But last summer, a few girls went to the Central R-III School Board to ask them to reconsider the idea of a pommie squad for the 2012-13 school year. Some girls spoke at a school board meeting, and the board agreed to give a pommie squad another chance. After tryouts, the team was set and practices began. Ann Hicks was selected as the coach of the pommies and the team captain chosen was Annie Agnew.

The choreographers were Payton Proffer and Brittany McCarty. There were summer practices and then the team went to UDA camp for the summer. At the camp, the team was split up into three groups of three. Each day at camp, the girls had to learn a routine to perform for a ribbon. Many girls received blue ribbons which stood for superior. There was a tryout process called “All American Tryouts” and a few team members were selected to tryout from the team. Chrissy Wallen and Brittany McCarty made the All American team squad from the CHS squad.

After the UDA camp, the pommie squad took home the routines they had learned and used them for some of the dances they performed at home events. There was a pep rally at the beginning of the year for fall sports and the pommies performed one of the dances they learned from camp. They performed dances learned at UDA camp at most of the football games. Some dances included Madonna, Thunderstruck, and a Halloween dance.

The squad also performed a flash mob at the “Playing for Pink” softball game this year. During basketball season, the girls performed every time there was a boy’s home basketball game. They had to come up with dances they could perform for the games. Many included the UDA dances and sometimes Payton and Brittany choreographed a routine or two. Then towards the middle of basketball season, the girls went to competition at Farmington High School. Many teams had come to participate. There were four different dance teams in the “Mix” division the pommies were in. The girls worked hard on their routine and then performed at the competition. They placed 2nd in their division.

The pommies have received lots of positive feedback throughout the season. Even though the team started with nine and ended with seven members, the season was very memorable for them. The pommies are going to stay at Central for a while. The next season tryouts for the 2013-14 school year are on March 20th, 2013.