Rebels Adopt Spring Softball Season


Jake Barton

The Central Softball Season is moving to the Spring! Softball is currently one of our Fall Sports along with Football and Volleyball; however, Softball will be moving to the Spring in the 2017-2018 school year! I recently spoke with a few members of the team and coaching staff and they were all optimistic about the change! Coach Wallen said that the change will be interesting and he has big plans for the season! The team will be traveling to Illinois for a few games he said and he is interested in what the competition level will be like in the Spring as opposed to the Fall. Junior Kerston Furry said, “I think changing the softball season to Spring will give everyone more opportunity to enjoy their high school experience. I also couldn’t be any more grateful that the season is being switched on my senior year.” Sophomore Maddie Manion said, “Since I don’t participate in track or volleyball, the change really doesn’t affect me much.  I love softball no matter that season it’s in.” No matter the season you can always bet the Central Softball team will bring their “A-Game” with them!