More Than a Game

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More Than a Game

Emily French, Staff

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Basketball is not just a game to me, it is something way more; it is a season with my teammates and coaches. We enjoy doing other things as a team besides basketball like a family would,” says Jessica Hulsey (#20).  

The Central Lady Rebels have dedicated themselves to basketball. To them it isn’t a sport, it’s life. Basketball to them is a complete mix of lessons, failures, losses, and wins, but most of all teamwork. The girls’ junior varsity game against St. Genevieve last Thursday was not only eventful but a hard-earned win, with a score of 50 to 26. The players practiced for at least two hours daily, not only with scheduled practices but on their own time.

To player #34, Kaley Kimball, basketball “is honestly a really fun getaway from everyday life, with amazing teammates and coaches that push you to be better every day. You become a family.”

Along with the junior varsity team, the varsity team has a strong group of girls who rely on each other and always have each other’s back. They look to each other for support and to their coaches for motivation.

Players pick each other up off of the court, as well as on. With every practice and every game, the team grows closer and closer as sisters in a tight-knit family. Many are looking forward to what the rest of the season has in store for them.

Additionally, there was an exclusive event, “The Teddy Bear Toss” held at the game last Thursday. The CHS Student Council teamed up with St. Gen’s Student Council to host the Teddy Bear Toss. The two groups invited game-watchers to bring new or gently-used stuffed animals to throw on the court during halftime, and every stuffed animal received was donated to local hospitalized children. Many fans participated in this event, and it was wonderful to see people coming together to help those in need. From little teddy bears to big ones, there was so much being done for others.

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