Central Students Take Over Farmington Bowling Alley

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Central Students Take Over Farmington Bowling Alley

Hannah Sansoucie, Assistant Editor

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Mr.McMillan recently took eight students to a bowling tournament in Cape Girardeau and fifteen students to the Farmington bowling tournament. These tournaments were a great opportunity for all of the kids with disabilities who might not be able to do regular school sports.

Although many people probably didn’t know about these bowling tournaments, Mr. McMillan has been taking students to them for three years. Not only does Mr. McMillan take them to these tournaments but he also gets them ready for the tournament. He does this by having practice with them twice a week at the Farmington bowling alley.

There are many great things that come out of these bowling competitions. He gets to watch each of his students improve and  gets to see their happy faces once they know they won the tournament. He is extremely proud of each of his students because every single one of them either got first or second place in the Farmington tournament.

Not only was it a great experience for Mr. McMillian but the students also had an amazing time meeting new people and winning metals. Dakota, one of the students who attended said, “Playing bowling is kind of easy but I have been playing since I was nine, so it’s not hard to get medals.” Even though Dakota is experienced in bowling, some of the other students got to experience bowling for the very first time during these competitions.

All in all, each one of the students had an amazing time at the competition and they can’t wait for the next.

Mr. McMillian said, My students don’t really get to do this kind of stuff all of the time. There aren’t many opportunities available for my students. I am very happy that they got to be social with other students from different schools. I really want them to be able to experience high school like other students. Opportunities like these are the perfect way to let them be as involved as possible.”

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