Central Marching Rebels


Cadence Wright, Writer

This season the Marching Rebels will be performing their show I Am, We Are,  ¨The concept is that whatever I am is what we will be as a band,̈ says Mr. Glore. Mr. Glore explains that the show that was picked strongly carried the four pillars that make the Marching Rebels: focus, effort, purpose, and passion. The Drum Majors this year are Logan Stotler and Dean Parker. Featured soloists are Kaitlyn McFarland, Charity Nelson, Leah Barton, Zach Payne, Mika Shipman, Abbie Lambert, Luke Vanamburg, Aaron Leeling, Lance Stotler, Natalie Reddick, and Kylie Kinnard. The Marching Rebels will be performing at several events: Farmington Invitational, the Ozarko Invitational at Missouri State University, and the Ste Genevieve Marching Festival. They will also be hosting the 34th annual Marching Rebel Invitational. 

The Marching Rebels have put forth so much not only this season but in previous seasons too. The Marching Rebels’ goal is to be better than the previous year, and it shows! We appreciate all the hard work put into The Marching Rebels! Good Luck band!