Best Friends Forever

Lindsey Giger, Staff Writer

It’s the days we’re so crazy that people think we’re high. It’s the days we’re so bored, and we laugh so hard that people think we’re crazy. All the inside jokes, and saying “remember when…” are only some of the reasons we’ll always be best friends. Everybody has friends, but there are only one or two who can truly be your best friend. These best friends are together 24/7, laugh at inside jokes nobody else knows, and make up after a fight. Within our schools, everybody is friendly to everybody. But even our students have their own group of friends or best friends. Most of the best friends were made during school; some are in higher grades and other in lower, but school none-the-less.

Brittany McCarty, a freshman, met her best friend in kindergarten. They are always together dancing and going out to eat at Sonic. Another freshman, Jake Bridges, has been friends with his best friend for as long as he can remember. They love to play Xbox, play basketball in their free time, and always have a great time doing it.

A sophomore, Kaitlyn Thomas, met her best friend in second grade. They are the kind of best friends who are exactly alike and love being that way. Another thing that these two best friends love doing is performing in band. Another sophomore is Dakota Pope, who couldn’t decide on just one best friend, but three. These boys have met during football in middle school, and they hang out in their free time.

In junior year, Felisha Garett met her best friend a little bit differently. They met through mutual friends last year, their sophomore year. Listening to what each other has to say, these best friends laugh when they’re hanging out having fun. Anthony Quinton, met his best friend in 8th grade during basketball, he loves his best friend because he is funny. Aside from playing basketball, these best friends play XBOX together.

Now on to our seniors, Taylor Bertrand met his best friend this past summer through another close friend of his. Taylor Kelley met her best friend freshman year; they had also met through a mutual friend. In their spare time they love to watch football, and she loves the fact that she can talk to him about anything and everything.

Whether friends meet just last week, or five years back, true best friends can come at any time, you and only that other person will know.