Perspective from a New Driver

Sydney Huff, Staff Writer

It started in June. I got my license after waiting sixteen years. Getting my license wasn’t a breeze for me. Let me just start off saying I’m nowhere near being an amazing driver, but I passed the test the second time. I still can’t parallel park to save my life. When I first started driving, I never drove over the speed limit, but as time passed, I started to go just a little bit over at a time. Once you have been in an accident, that tends to change.

My first car accident happened in August, just over a month after getting my license.  It was a completely stupid and careless mistake. I was getting on to Karsh Blvd. in Farmington from A Street and I got in the center lane to turn into Rhode’s Gas Station. I pulled out too early and hit someone in the side. No one was hurt, but it freaked me out. I didn’t want to ever drive again, and I felt horrible for damaging that old lady’s car (and mine too considering my parents paid for it.) Turns out wrecks are pretty expensive, even for dents that aren’t nearly as big as they could have been. It cost probably around $4,000 to get it fixed, but I had insurance and so did the other driver.

My other stories about my driving aren’t nearly as exciting as the previous one but I promise this isn’t some boring story about how driving is so wonderful and easy. Sorry to break it to you, but in my case, driving a car isn’t a piece of cake. For instance, I may have hit a trash can. There was also a time I started my car, but forgot to open the garage door and backed up. I can say for a fact that I have not actually hit anything with my car since November. All these experiences have taught me to be careful when driving and to be aware of how you are driving.