Let me take you to Chicago!


Marion Coulthard (France), Vivian Saaristo (Finland), Kristine Heimstad (Norway) and Kayle Nephew (American) on the top of the Willis Tower.

Kristine Heimstad, Staff Writer

A city everyone should experience is the “Windy City” in Illinois. There is something about the atmosphere in a city of millions: the skyscrapers, the yellow cabs, the shopping avenues, the multicultural crowd, and the Starbucks coffees, which were seen at every street corner. I had 72 hours to get the best possible adventure in Chicago, and luckily for me, I had a full schedule. With a group of exchange students from all over Europe, I was ready to see Chicago!

For me, Chicago was a synonym for shopping at the world-famous stores on Michigan Avenue. This is not what I will remember, though, when I think back to this trip years from now. The breath-taking view from the Willis Tower, 103 floors up in the air, standing on one single glass plate is a moment I certainly will remember. Another visit worth remembering is to the Silver Bean, next to the Millennium Park. To get the opportunity to stand in the same spot that Channing Tatum did in the movie “The Vow” was vital to all the girls in the exchange student group.  There is a chance we went a bit too overboard with reenacting the scene, but that is just one less point on my bucket list.

You cannot leave Chicago without visiting Gino’s East Pizzeria. It is not only the tasty deep dish pizza which is to die for, but with an hour waiting line and the chance of running into Michael Jordan or Opera Winfrey, the whole restaurant has a sense of luxury, even though the walls are filled with autographs of  former visitors. Chicago was like living in a movie for a weekend and if you ever get the chance, go!