Stress Relievers

Abi Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Sometimes school, parents, and siblings make life busy and crazy. Anything “extra “ you’re involved in makes it difficult to get everything done completely and correctly. Teens aren’t adults just yet but we aren’t little kids anymore either. It just seems like there is always something we have to do. According to NBC News, 75% of teens already feel stressed out with the responsibility of going to school and keeping their grades up. Then adding everything else that we do such as sports, church activities, and other groups make life even more stressful. So even though life is busy, you always have to make some free time to just take a break and really enjoy the things that matter in the long run.

There are many “Stress Relievers” for people our age:

1.)    Reading:  If you like to read and like to get into a really good book, then making time for reading is a great way to just get away from your crazy hectic life. Read!

2.)    Swimming:  Going to the public pool with some friends or just having some “you time” in the pool is also another good way to just relax and not have to think about anything else.

3.)   Shopping:  Shopping may seem like just adding stress to what you already have to some people, but others just can’t find enough time in the world to do it! So maybe just picking a day to window shop or to pick out a new outfit might be for you.

4.)  Sports:  Getting a good game of tennis, catch, or baseball going could help you just forget everything going on and just have a little fun, especially if you’re a person who likes a little friendly competition! Even if you don’t keep score, it could be a day of fun for you!

5.)  Sleeping:  Some teens can’t get enough sleep; others can’t sleep past 6 o’clock! If you are a person that loves sleep, just take a day to chill out and take a nap. Get everything done the day before and just take that day to sleep and take it easy!

There are many other activities that you may have in mind to help you relax and just take a day off. Though life can get really crazy and busy, you always need to make some time for just a free day at least once a month. It is a definitely a necessity when it seems like you’re already involved in a billion things. So just take that day and do something you enjoy!