Take the Road Less Traveled By

Zachary Conway, Staff Writer

Social media is a huge aspect of almost every teen’s life. Every teenager has at least one social media account, with the most popular probably being Facebook. Other popular social media sites that teens have are Twitter, Instagram, and Snapshot. With these social media accounts you can never tell if anyone is really who they say they are. For example, a 43-year-old man can be disguised as an 18-year-old man by using random photos off of the internet or using pictures of their relatives.

Kristen Wadlow says, “I do not really trust Facebook because I have random people try to add me all the time and whenever I look to see if I know who they are, they are  just random complete strangers.”

Over 39,000 Verified sex offenders have an account on just MySpace alone and that is the ones that are actually using their real names! If 39,000 sex offenders have accounts on MySpace, think about how many of them are on Facebook or Instagram. Most people believe that Facebook is now the worst social media account to find predators on. Some sexual predators have learned to talk more like teenagers and lure more kids in by using fake photos that other kids find attractive.

Sarah Wakefield says, “Facebook is just a way for people to keep track of you–like a stalker!”

In today’s society, social media keep growing more and more rapidly with new accounts being made every day. What can you do to try and stop this? Well first off, stop adding random people who you do not know. Second, make all of your profiles private. Lastly, whenever you start getting threats made against you, tell someone. If you follow these guidelines you may stop some of the internet predator’s attacks.

So think: would you rather add someone random with the possibility of them being a predator or be safe and live to see another day?