Ignite the Fire


Krissie Byers, Staff Writer

Park Hills has more than just sports teams. An example– Ignite Drama Team. Exciting performances, dangerous stunts, and witty skits are their specialty. These fellow teens really know how to move.

Ignite Drama Team has various styles that they use in performances for various audiences. “We perform a few times every couple of months,” states Nina Russell, team member of two years. Their performances are meant to be fun, exciting and sometimes humorous. But with that excitement and humor, they like to include important life lessons. A majority of the time, the teams’ performances are small and take place at local community buildings, but they do, however, take part in Missouri Fine Arts and drama conferences.

Dedication is a main priority. There is practice every Wednesday from 4:30- 6:00. They also have meetings every Sunday from 3:45- 5:00. Members seem to like to get to practice earlier and leave later than scheduled. These practices are serious. Nina Russell says that in practices, “we get things done, we work hard, and we enjoy ourselves when we’re done.” Practices can get tough and draining, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Though the team works hard, good relationships with fellow members is of great importance. To keep that, they like to have drama team hangouts every now and then. Things they do include bonfires, going out to eat at places like Dairy Queen and Taco Bell, and have big laser tag days. Sometimes to just relax, they hang out at a leader’s house to play games and chat. Nina Russell says, “I feel like I really get closer to them. We overcome differences if we have any because in the end, it’s not about us.”

Central Rebel peers that are on the Ignite Drama Team include Emilee Gray, Paige Kobermann, Nina Russell, Kate Sisk, Kaitlyn Thomas, and Lee Berkbuegler.