Innovative Force Steals the Show

Kayla Horton, Staff Writer

“We’re going to show them what small town girls can do!” said a member of Hallie Teasley’s dance and acrobatic group, Innovative Force. The 26 girls on the team ranging from eight to 19 years old have been competing on the show America’s Got Talent since their first audition in Chicago.

Hallie’s team took a train to Chicago to perform at their audition. When Innovative Force got there the AGT staff told the team about the rules and showed them the holding rooms where they waited for hours upon hours.

“We waited backstage listening to the sound of the X’s buzz putting us even more on edge. As soon as we stepped on the stage the adrenalin took over and the next thing I knew, we were looking at the judges, standing and cheering for us.”

They were given four yesses and were sent to Las Vegas. When they got to Vegas they were told they were moving straight on to New York. Once in New York, they practiced every day in Radio City Music Hall and other locations from 7 A.M. to about 8 P.M. On the day of the semi-final performance they changed the dance a few hours before the show had started.

“We knew that this performance would not be the best but we went on and tried our best despite all of the changes.” said Hallie.

Judge Heidi Klum adored the performance, but Judge Howard Stern who had always liked them from the start said they didn’t impress him. According to Hallie Teasley, Judges Mel B and Howie Mandell were not impressed in the slightest. Hallie said the performance was messy and that they were terrified. It was in America’s hands now. The whole team was prepared for the worst day of results, but to their surprise America gave them another shot.
Innovative Force came home for four days after the results. Hallie and the team were excited to see all of their friends again. The small town girls were sick of New York and missed seeing grass on the ground and smelling fresh air.

“The support at home was so amazing. I honestly was not expecting so much support. It was an amazing feeling and I know we were all extremely grateful for all of it.”

Innovative Force was the talk of the town! There were watch parties on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Buffalo Wild Wings and Hubs Pub. Signs were everywhere and there was even a picture of the team on a billboard. The St. Francois County commission even declared August 18th to 24th as Innovative Force Week. Along with that, Lix Frozen Custard named a concrete after the team! Everyone wore there Innovative Force shirts as the team came riding down the street in the parade in Farmington. Innovative Force wasn’t only famous in St. Francois County, but on the Internet, too. The team’s Instagram and Twitter followers were in the thousands and their Twitter was verified. They were also trending on Twitter two separate times. Hollywood Life and David Freese gave them shout outs on Twitter. Hollywood Life had Innovative Force in their top five picks from the start till they were eliminated. A successful dancer, Sophia Lucia, who was on Dance Moms shouted them out on Instagram. Innovative Force wasn’t just on America’s Got Talent, they were also on the Today Show!

When they came back to New York their next routine was coming together quickly and was much better than any of the other dances. Unfortunately, the day before the performance a girl on the team, Chelsey, got hurt and couldn’t perform. Hallie said this dance was for Chelsey.

When results day came, the girls were called up with Cami Bradley. “We knew we were in trouble. We had become good friends with Cami and neither one of us wanted to see the other leave.” Cami was the winner but Innovative Force left with a bang.

When Hallie came back, she said she feels like she knows just about every square inch of Radio City Music Hall and that the stage is like something she’s never seen before. Being on the same stage as so many music legends and dancers like the Rockettes is an amazing experience for Innovative Force. Hallie became close with Cami Bradley, Taylor Williamson, and Forte. The girls also became close with Angela Hoover in the quarter final round, who acted as their “AGT Mom.” They didn’t have much time for school but their tutors helped them as much as they could.

Innovative Force is still unsure if they will be going on the America’s Got Talent tour or not.