Harlem Wizards Come To Town

Harlem Wizards Come To Town

Katlyn Cross and Karissa Messer

“The Wizards, of course won and let’s not talk about the score!” said CHS Counselor Debbie Bradley. Mrs. Bradley played on the Lucky Locals, the team that opposed the Harlem Wizards in a game to raise money for the CHS Project Graduation. The game was open to the public and took place on January 14. The Wizards played the Lucky Locals made up of Central staff, past students, and other locals. The staff that played on the Lucky Locals included Mrs. Bradley, Mr. Bradley, Mrs. Mills, and Mrs. Murray. The Wizards won the game with the score of 70-64.

CHS Students were first introduced to the DP, the team captain of the Harlem Wizards, in an assembly the day of the game during seventh hour. During the assembly DP called Jarod Cook out of the stands to compete against him with basketball tricks. The crowd loved it; they were cheering and laughing during most of the assembly and the game later that evening. At the end of the assembly, DP invited everyone to come out and see the game that night.

When the Wizards were introduced at the evening show, they came out on the floor dancing and had an argument about what music they should dance too. Later on in the game, DP flirted with Mrs. Mills. DP shot a basketball from about three-quarters of the court and missed—blaming it on someone in the crowd. He claimed that he was whispering in his ear. He then shot again and made it! The crowd went crazy!

Later, a group of kids came out on the floor and each had to catch the ball. If one of them didn’t catch the ball, the Wizards yelled, “YOU GOT TRICKED!” Near the end of the game the team called down all Central students and staff to the floor for a dance. Some of the songs they played were “Jump On It,” “Cha-Cha Slide,” “Harlem Shake,” and “Cupid Shuffle.”

“They are a fun group of guys!” said Mrs. Bradley. After the game the Wizards threw confetti on a group of people in the crowd. “I will say it was a little nerve wracking to play against them. I hadn’t shot a basketball, especially a boys’-sized ball in quite a while.” stated Mrs. Bradley.

Mrs. Bradley has played basketball for basically her whole life. “I started playing basketball in the YMCA league in Hannibal, MO, in fifth grade. I played through junior high at Hannibal, then played all my high school years here at Central. I also coached JV girls for eight years—two years at Bismarck High School and six years at Central.”

The game was a lot of fun for everyone.  “I always have fun! Life is too short to not have fun.” said Mrs. Bradley.

Olivia Wright was one of the students who attended the game. She said that her favorite part of the game was when the little boy from the crowd was messing around with DP, her favorite player. She said she also had a lot of fun and there was nothing about the game that she didn’t enjoy.

By the way the crowd screamed and cheered during the game you could tell that everyone loved the Harlem Wizards!