Honoring Outstanding Academics

Nina Russell, Staff Writer

In simplicity, the Honor’s Banquet each year is a great way for the academic honor students of Central to get together and have dinner while recognizing each other’s greatness. After congregating in the practice gym and reveling in the fantastic dinner (which was thankfully against Michelle Obama’s standards), the banquet began.

The top 10% of each class was recognized. The top 10% of the freshman class includes: Peyton Bradley, Bayli Brewster, Christiana Cantrell, Tyler Clark, Dallas Coleman, Alexus Groom, Kyle Halter, Legacy Huff, Dale Huffman, Jonathin Lambert, Lucas Manion, Mercedes Pyatt, Desyrae Wadlow, and Brandon Wagner.

The top 10% of the sophomore class are as follows: Jason Asher, Hannah Banderman, Jake Bridges, Olivia Casey, Abigail Courtois, Emily DeLeal, Heather Dickinson, Ali Gremminger, Justin Halter, Karli Holmes, Kaitlyn Moore, Luke Oliver, Madison Pope, Nina Russell, Jami-Ann Spain, and Michelle Young.

The students who earned top 10% of the junior class are: Frederick Bond, Bethany Brown, Baylee Fincher, Emilee Gray, Emily Hayes, Avery Johnson, Cassidy Kile, Paige Kobermann, Lauren Lewis, Scarlett McCoy, Brittany Owens, Kaitlyn Weible, Madisyn Weiss, and Samuel Young.

Within the top 10% of the senior class are: Lesley Chatman, Hunter Courtois, Bryant Daugherty, Samantha DeBlois, Sydnee Green, Marissa Hill, Alaric Jones, Brenden Jones, Melanie Kamin, Kelsey Manion, Morgin Reece, Stevie Riddle, Kyle Smith, and Landen Smith.

After the recognition of the top 10% students of each grade level, the Rotary Students of the Month were announced. Samantha DeBlois and Kyle Smith were chosen for September, Georgia Richardson and Gabe Craig for October, Paige McFarland and Hunter Courtois for November, Sydnee Green and Christopher Boyd for December, Stevie Riddle and Brenden Jones for January, Melanie Kamin and David Dooley for February, Marissa Hill and Alaric Jones for March, and Kelsey Manion and Reid Lucas were chosen for April.

Then, the Perfect Attendance awards were given to students who haven’t missed a day of school this year. These students are: Douglas Anderson, Frederick Bond, Christopher Boyd, Peyton Bradley, Zachary Campbell, Tyler Clark, Gabriel Craig, Michaela Cunningham, Matthew Dean, Samantha DeBlois, Rebecca Freant, Christian Gregory, Alexus Groom, Justin Halter, Kyle Halter, Ethan Hart, Dale Huffman, Garrett Huitt, Brenden Jones, Nolen Jones, Spencer Jones, Tristen Jordan, James King, Jonathin Lambert, Brandon Maberry, Daniel Marler, Crystal McCullough, Makayla McEntire, Victoria McKinney, Ethan Nations, Blake Oliver, Luke Oliver, Henri Owens, Lexis Richardson, Gabrielle Robbins, Jessica Robison, Olivia Simpson, Kyle Smith, Kaila Vance, and Samuel Young. Senior Spencer Jones was also recognized for perfect attendance throughout elementary, middle school, and high school.

After that, each teacher, counselor, administrator, and secretary presented a Top Rebel Award to one student. Top Rebels are chosen by each staff member based upon any criteria that the staff member chooses. In addition, many teachers rewarded students for top grades and other honors.

At the end, special thanks were given to the custodial staff, the food services, the Rotary Club, all parents, Dr. Mayberry, Mr. Bollinger, the Board of Education, and the faculty and staff, for their dedication and commitment to the school.